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Clubs.TealRay.com is a Community Portal provided by TealRay Media that provides free listings and event promotion for specialized communities' organizations and their activities.

Serving the Clubs Community

offers a free listing service to groups within the club community: non-profit (or profit) Model Railroading, Live Steam Engines, admin, and more. TealRay Media (a Division of HanoverSoft) believes strongly in supporting community clubs and offers this site as a community portal to them.

lists companies involved with various clubs and maintains current shows/events for those companies, free of cost. You register for a free user id, then register your company, then register your company's activities. Your listing may include your website, contact e-mail, postal address, and a brief description. This is free publicity.

Members of the clubs community use to stay current with events to attend in their area. With a community that frequently visits this web site, your events are posted for them (your potential audience) to see.

Initially, this site will be populated with clubs for model railroading (since this is popular at TealRay Media), however the software immediately handles any community club. We're designing the software to support international listings, but that will not be available until later in the year.


It all started out with Paula getting involved with community theatre. She performed in some shows and we attended lots of shows. Not only did we help out financially (what we could), but Anthony began volunteering his technical skills to support the Durham Savoyards as webmaster. Paula always visited Jay's North Carolina Theatre Guide website to see what shows were where. In time, Jay cut back on keeping up with current events because it takes so much time to do that! Picking up the torch where Jay left it, Anthony designed Arts.TealRay.com to be an automated version of Jay's site. This design evolved into the Community Portal idea. As a Community Portal, the website now supports many types of communities (arts, clubs, user groups, athletics, children's activities, churches, and more) by listing their organizations and promoting their upcoming and current events. Averyl chips in time for marketing and Addison chips in time for sales...

And thus, Clubs.TealRay.com came to be!

We are Self-Policing

The information posted on this site is sent to the site moderator for review. Objectionable postings are censored. Further, if site users find any posting objectionable, they will click on the Report-a-Problem icon Report a Problem which will also lead to review and possible censorship.

Our users are vigilant and considerate of others in our community. We all understand this website is the result of a community effort. So, we are all interested in keeping it clean and useful. Self-policing has proven to be very effective for us.

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